Moriyasu Corporation Medical Cannula,Pointed Needle,Ground Cannula

Constant checking is our quality policy.
Everything begins and ends with checking.

We verify the products against our customers’ specifications by implementing sampling inspections or an all-unit intermediate inspection at each section in the cannulae manufacturing process, preventing defects from being carried into the next process with a high degree of precision. For the final inspection procedure, an all-unit inspection is carried out in an isolated, extremely clean inspection room. Once this is complete, the products are sent on to be weighed and packaged. The inspection results are supplied to customers with each shipment as sampling-based inspection reports. Stringently measured data is managed/analyzed and stored for verifying the stability of the products.
In order to increase customer satisfaction, we currently working intensively. with ISC Co., Ltd., and their ISO 9001:2015 Certificate updated on December 27, 2020.

We provide products of the highest quality that satisfy our customers and reflect the high degree of specialization and added-value our group offers. In order to achieve that objective, we have established this quality policy that is implemented reliably.

We listen carefully to the customer’s requests, and deliver products that give satisfaction.
In order to supply products that meet the customer’s needs, each of our employees puts their best efforts into consistent pursuit of high quality.
We will bring you products of a consistent quality by conducting all possible investigations/research, complying with the related regulations, and refusing to compromise on safety.
We will create the best possible work environment through effective target management initiatives designed to constantly raise customer satisfaction levels and employee skills.
We will carry out human resource education that cultivates a broad view and improved technical skills to improve character and judgment.
We will maintain an optimum quality management system at all times through implementing regular internal audits and management reviews, as well as corrective action initiatives.

Inquiries: We will send you an estimate as soon as we receive your inquiry. Please include the following information so that we can respond efficiently.

- Material (Type 304 AISI or Type 316 AISI) – Needle point (lancet, back cut, flat, double-ended needle, etc.)
– External diameter, internal diameter or thickness, overall length, bevel length or angle, rotation angle, etc.)
– Special specifications (chamfering, grit blasting, notching, bending, etc.)
– Drawings that contain the above – Volume (annual, per order)